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Suburbia Made Me Do It - AUDIO!

When I wrote Suburbia Made Me Do It, the intention was for this book to be narrated to catch all the delicious snarky retorts and dark humor. I have waited for YEARS to finally announce the audio version is complete and up for pre-order on Audible! Narrated by award-winning voice artist, Andrea Emmes, Suburbia Made Me Do It will make you laugh, cry, cringe, and possibly reflect on your inner self--the one you think is hidden from the world and can snap at any moment. Click here to pre-order the audio version. Release date is June 8, 2021. Below is the synopsis: My name is Roxy Davenport - the epitome of a suburban housewife. For over 25 years, I have based my entire life off the ancient, mental code of ethics passed down from previous generations I secretly nicknamed  The Suburbia Handbook .  High school sweethearts must marry and the wife is to stay at home and raise the children while the husband brings home the bacon. All married couples must procreate and raise, at a minimum, 2.5

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