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RAYMOND BENSON, author of The Black Stiletto Series

Ashley Fontainne proves with 'Number Seventy-Five' that she's a talent to watch.

JANELLE TAYLOR, NY Times bestselling author

I absolutely love this woman's style and plots. Have to read anything and everything she writes. Awesome talent! Oh, the twists and turns she takes us on. Thanks, Ashley Fontainne, for creating such memorable works! Ashley nails the struggles of good vs. evil, religious, political and individual flaws and weaknesses/strengths. The use of Scripture is amazing and her suck-you-in style captivates the reader with her vivid characters and their motivations.

MATT COSTELLO, author of Vacation and Home

With an attention to detail, and a slowly building sense of dread and horror, Ashley Fontainne’s “Number Seventy-Five” will have you racing through her story of online connection, and just how bad things can go on a date. This is tale that, with its Hitchcockian twists dealing with greed and murder, I dare you to stop reading.




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rememdium series


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