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RMSW Press is a small, royalty-paying independent publisher out of Malvern, Arkansas and owned by Ashley Fontainne. The following titles are available in print and ebook:

The Moon and the Honey Bee is children's picture book, perfect for a bedtime story to read to your children. Full of vibrant images and easy to follow rhythms, it's also a wonderful way to help encourage your children (ages 2-6) to read. The endearing lessons of love, happiness, and how one's positive attitude affects others around them are major themes.

November 22, 1963 changed the entire world. In a split second, Camelot ended and the lives of countless individuals were permanently altered, including the life of Dallas Police Officer Maurice N. Nick McDonald. This is the story of one ordinary cop who found himself in an extraordinary situation. The tale encompasses Mr. McDonald's early life growing up in southern Arkansas, his stint in the U.S. Military during World War II, and how he ended up in Dallas. It delves into his role in the capture of Lee Harvey Oswald the arrest that catapulted him to a household name. What happened that fateful day in Dallas as Officer McDonald entered the infamous Texas movie theater? How and what did he feel as he gave testimony before the Warren Commission? Mr. McDonald shares a personal glimpse of the next forty years of his life and how being known as the arresting officer of Lee Harvey Oswald changed him forever.

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