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Sneak peek at Chapter 1 of OPERATION: JADE HELMET

 As promised in my previous post, here is the first chapter of Operation: Jade Helmet. Preorder links are at the bottom. CHAPTER ONE Undisclosed location near El Segundo, California ~ Wednesday, September 10, 2025 ~ 8:00 pm PT     Exhausted from a full two days of travelling, Hester Brighton sighed with relief while pulling the rental car into the driveway. The last leg of the journey from LAX airport to the house caused her shoulders and hands to ache from gripping the steering wheel too hard. The rental's GPS was on the fritz as was the one on her cell, so she got turned around twice and drove the wrong direction while evading throngs of people clogging the streets. Snatching her cell phone, she pecked out a quick text to Jim, letting him know she arrived and would call him later after settling into her room. He responded back within two seconds with a smiley face and hearts and instructions for her to relax, have fun with her college roommates, and to be safe. It seemed

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