Number Seventy-Five: Movie Poster & Branding

Today celebrates our 100th blog post. The one thing we love as much as books is movies and we were super excited to design the movie poster for the upcoming film adaptation of “Number Seventy-Five” by award-winning author Ashley Fontainne—read on to learn more about this exciting movie.
The Movie Poster for Number Seventy-Five
When it was announced Number Seventy-Five was being made into a feature film, we were extremely honored to design the movie poster. Our goal was to create something dark and sinister while also capturing the grittiness and terror of the story.
We also created the tagline for the poster—”Dating Just Got Deadly.”
The film will begin production in spring/summer 2014. Produced by Amir Jaffer Productions and Confident Actor Pictures, the film will be written and directed by Cynthia Macadam and will star Sabrina Stewart.
Sabrina Stewart also narrates the audio version of “Number Seventy-Five,” which can be purchased on by clicking HERE.
Social Media Branding
We also designed a custom Twitter background and a custom Facebook banner for the upcoming movie:
Twitter Background
Screenshot of Twitter Background and Custom Avatar
Facebook Banner
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  1. Although I loved the original cover, this design gave me chills. The pain and fear is REAL in her face! Thank you so much for being a part of this with me and for all the incredible work Blue Harvest Creative produces!

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