Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Meet Sara Morsey

1. When did the acting bug bite you?

I guess the acting bug bit the first time I went to a theatre, probably at about age 5 or so.  The first time I performed in a play was in first grade. 

2. When and where was your first performance?

I played The Sun in a play about a farm. I studied dance as a kid, so my first professional plays were musicals in which I danced.

3. What drew you to theater?

There was always something special about the physical feel of the theatre, sitting in the dark and watching people in the light perform just for me.  In the dark, it's safe to react however you feel…laugh, cry, scream…I felt at home there, but not exactly comfortable, excited and anxious, but at home.

4. What role was your favorite?

I really don't have a favorite role.  I have had a chance to play so many tremendous women, created by some of the most gifted playwrights. "Amanda" in THE GLASS MENAGERIE by Tennessee Williams, I have played three times.  "Maria Callas" in MASTER CLASS twice.  I just love live theatre and the ephemeral nature of it. Every performance is fresh and new and in the moment and then gone. It's magic to be able to do it well. 

5. What is your dream role?

My dream role is whatever I get to do next. In the present case that will be playing "Ruth" in Donald Margulies' COLLECTED STORIES, a provocative story about a college professor/writer and her relationship with her younger protege.  It has lots to say about life and love and how the life of an artist develops and plays itself out. 

6. Favorite quote?

"All poets look for God, all good poets do, and they have to look harder for him than preachers do since they don't have the help of such famous guidebooks and well organized expeditions as priests have with their scriptures and churches." Tennessee Williams from SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER

7. What made you decide to delve into narrating books?

When I lived in Louisville, KY there was a studio for The Library of Congress "Talking Books" program.  There are only three studios of this kind in the country, or there were then.  I auditioned there and was lucky to be chosen as a narrator. We recorded books for the blind and visually impaired. 

8. As the narrator/producer of audio books, what is your favorite part? Worst?

Of course, my favorite part is reading/narrating the books and finding the voice of the author and the characters. I even enjoy the editing and mastering, but I'm still learning all the time on every part of it. The hardest is waiting to find out if your audition is accepted, if your work is approved by the writer, the rights holder, ACX, waiting, waiting, waiting.  Actors spend a lot of time waiting and hoping.

9. You also are an accomplished painter.  What medium do you use?

I mostly paint in acrylics on wood or canvas, sometimes in oils. 

10. What inspires you?

I am inspired by color and animals and people, faces, shapes….mostly color.  I love color, mixing it on the surface I'm painting and seeing what happens.

11. What advice would you give aspiring artists?

My advice is DO IT.  Whatever calls you, whatever you feel you can't live without: DO IT.

12. If you could travel in time and revisit any point in your life, when would that be?

Yikes, I would not want to relive any point in my life, but I'd like to travel to a time I did not live in maybe. I suppose that's why I love to act. I've always been kind of seduced by Thornton Wilder's idea in OUR TOWN of returning to one day of your life, just as an observer.

13. Describe your perfect vacation.

I don't even have an idea of a perfect vacation, since as an actor your time off is never planned and always fraught with trying to find another job.  Going to Europe for an extended stay would be nice, visiting museums, art galleries, eating different foods.

14. What does your family think about all your creative endeavors?

My family thinks I am odd and live in a sort of dream world.  Since I've never married and have no children, they think I have few responsibilities.  They don't really know what I do and it's hard to explain, so we just leave it at that. Most people believe they are controlling their destiny by having a steady job and so forth, but none of us are really in control.  That's just an illusion. Art is so important to who we are as people.  I feel so blessed to be an artist and to live my life in art. 

And to collaborate with wonderful artists like you, Ashley.

15. Any regrets?
Je ne regrette rien.

Connect with Sara:

Some samples of her amazing artwork:

 I was blessed to connect with Sara as she is narrating the entire Eviscerating the Snake series!

First book is now available on Amazon and Audible

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