Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Welcome to the PARTY!

FREE eBook Promotion October 2-October 4 Plus Win One of Two Autographed Copies Of Accountable To None!

I am so excited to be rereleasing Accountable To None with a brand new cover and interior design. This book is the first in my Eviscerating The Snake trilogy. In celebration, be sure to grab your FREE copy of my eBook October 2 through October 4. And, don't forget to enter my contest to receive an autographed copy of Accountable To None. Click the cover image below to download the FREE eBook from Amazon or click HERE!

Here is the new cover, designed by Blue Harvest Creative!

And here is a sample of the new interior layout, designed by Blue Harvest Creative:


What if the unspeakable happened to you? Would you fantasize about seeking personal vengeance? How far would you go...and how much would you sacrifice to hold those responsible that believe they are accountable to none?

Welcome to the prestigious accounting firm of Winscott & Associates. Welcome to Audra Tanner's personal hell. She had heard the rumors about her employer. The whispered secrets. But she had thrown herself into work to escape the pain of her miscarriage and demise of her marriage. Idealistic, she thought if she worked hard she would be rewarded. She thought wrong.

Savagely initiated into the brutal underbelly of the firm, Audra learns too late that the rumors are true. Now after five years of careful plotting, Audra is ready to push the wheels of justice in motion. Her goal of retribution has turned into an obsession and she will stop at nothing until everyone responsible pays. Will revenge set her free or is Audra's quest for personal justice only the beginning?

What People Are Saying About Accountable to None...

"...I truly enjoyed it and recommend it to all who enjoy a fast, intriguing and entertaining story with a little mystery thrown in for good measure."  - Midwest Book Reviews Senior Reviewer and author Joan A. Adamak

"...you are grabbed hook, line and sinker into the story as the book becomes an almost compulsive read."  - Charlotte Foreman, reviewer for BestChickLit.com

"...this is now one of my favorite books of all time...even after you finish, it doesn't let go. It stays with you." - author Lindsay Anne Kendel

"...I'm exhausted. I could not put this book down. It gripped me from the very beginning and the intensity level just kept building and building...AN AMAZING READ!" - author Sandy L. Wolters

Several wonderful bloggers are hosting me to help with the re-release party. Numerous questions were asked and my fingers are STILL bleeding from answering them all, so please take a moment to visit these great blogs and read some of my answers. And don't forget to register for a chance to win one of two signed copies of Accountable to None.

Before I go, I want to thank the incredible team at Blue Harvest Creative for all of their hard work. They took my vision and ran amok, then brought me back something astounding that far exceeded my expectations! Their professionalism and creative design capabilities left me stunned and in shock...which doesn't happen to this rambling mad southern woman often. They didn't just throw a few ideas in my direction, hoping I would pick one. They asked to read the book first to absorb the full experience of the story, which gave them the insight needed to create this amazing cover. What they presented to me is polished perfection that is worthy enough to not only stand out but take center stage on any bookshelf in the world. It is more than eye-catching and could easily be the poster for a movie.

When I created the book trailer, I used the picture of the woman with the green eyes and the hand of silence covering her mouth because it is a powerful image. So, when the first round of potential covers arrived in my inbox, imagine my surprise when I noticed the same pair of eyes graced one of the concept covers! And no one at Blue Harvest Creative had watched the video. Why is that important, you ask? To me it proved that the design team not only read the book but understood the concepts and my vision. It is rare that you will find such dedication and commitment to achieving such high standards.

If you want to take your work to the next level and are looking for a team that will work with you from start to finish, then contact them at the link above. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!

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