Friday, May 11, 2012

No Greater Love....

Mom.  Mommy. Ma. Whatever you call her, Sunday is the day we celebrate these incredible beings that brought us into this world.

As a "seasoned" mother, I want to offer a bit of encouragement to those that are just starting their journey as someone's Mom.  You know who you are.  The harried newbie that can't seem to get enough sleep, doesn't want to ever see another dirty diaper and wants to cry right along with your screaming little one because you can't recall where you put the car keys?  

Enjoy every moment because one day, they will not need you anymore, and you will WISH for these moments back.  I recall holding the squirming mass of soft flesh in my shaking hands from the moment my son entered this world twenty-two years ago and feeling inundated with many different emotions. I was absolutely terrified by the prospect of raising a child in this scary world, fearful to let him ever leave my arms.  The magnitude of love I felt wash over me, well, words can't really describe it, as I am sure each mother out there already knows.

You hover; you comfort; you smile at their antics; you love with raw power and God help save the person that ever hurts them from your wrath.  You learn the true meaning of devotion.  They are your world, your reason for living.

Then, suddenly, they grow up and leave your realm to forge life anew.  That is the hardest part of all: watching the fledgling leave the nest.     

I want to share a bit of my thoughts on my beloved son, taken from my latest collection "Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman" in hopes that you frantic new moms out there take a cleansing breath and learn to enjoy.


“Sunrise, the dawning of a new Spring day
Vibrant light shoots forth, illuminating a halo all around
Full of energy, promises, life anew.

Yellow rays caress your chiseled cheek
Glistening off your dark curly hair.
Your eyes lit sparkling blue;
Faint stubble upon your chin.

Nothing hidden now, the piercing light reaches all
As I look at the once tiny hands I held in mine
Now huge, clasping the hands of your beloved
Casually brushing her golden hair from her face.

But even under the Spring sun’s shimmer
My heart still sees my little boy;
So full of innocence and wonder
As we walked along the beach hand in hand
Not so long ago.

Now into the waning summer of this new era
I watch you walking with your love
Smiling, arm in arm, drinking in your new world
As I lag behind.

Sunset; the ending of the day
I fade towards the orangey glow
Hoping the dusk will hide my tears
Watching my man from a boy he has grown.”

Thank you, My Reason For Living, for just being.

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Happy Mother's Day!

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