Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Exciting Times!

I cannot believe that February is already here.  So much has happened in the last few months that attempting to manage it has become quite the task.

And I am loving every minute of it.

I am happy to announce that the sequel to Accountable to None is now available, thanks to the hard work and great support of my publisher, World Castle Publishing.  Zero Balance went live on Amazon on January 30, 2012 and is also now available on the Kindle.  If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you are eligible to get your copy for free.  Check out the latest reviews here.

Another exciting thing that I am pleased to share with everyone is that beginning this Friday, February 10th at 9:00 pm (CST) my inaugural BlogTalkRadio show, Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman - Welcome Indies, will begin!  This show will air weekly on Friday nights at 9:00 pm CST and each week, I will showcase a fellow Indie author.  My friend and fellow Indie author, Bill Talcott, will be my very first guest, and we will be discussing his sci-fi adventure novel The Mission: Remnants of the Past.  Use this link to listen live to the show!  I am currently booked through the middle of May, 2012, so if you would like to schedule an interview, please feel free to contact me.

Several other authors of the World Castle Publishing family, myself included, will be in Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas on Saturday, March 24th at the Barnes & Noble in said our very first book signing.

Last, but truly not least, I became a member of Read A Book Make A Difference (RABMAD).  This wonderful website allows authors the platform to showcase the charities/causes they support.  My charity, The Joyful Heart Foundation, is a cause near and dear to my heart and one that I fully support.  Please take a moment to click on the link above to learn more about this incredible charity started by the one and only Mariska Hartigay.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit! 

See you in Lubbock and Amarillo!



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