Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Book Tours!

Ok, so I am impatiently tromping through the muck and mire (a.k.a. the ins/outs of the publishing world) and discovering that the goop under my feet stinks....

But, I digress.

Thank goodness for a few kind souls that have graciously offered up assistance, support and guidance!  I was so exhausted combing through page after page on the Internet, trying to figure out some type of marketing strategy (which, sadly, I am still lost in the woods on that one!) and understand the differences in the types of publishing available to struggling, first time authors like myself.

Word of mouth through Facebook has been a wonderful tool for me, and I am just learning the ropes of "tweeting" and this dreaded blog thing.  But what drives the sales and the traffic to click "buy" where your book is being sold at?  Why, book reviews, of course!

For each and every person that reviewed my book on either Amazon or Barnes&Noble or any other site, such as Goodreads, my sincerest thanks and appreciation!

**Book lovers.....if you took the time and spent the money to purchase a book, whether in e-format or a physical one, please, please, take the time to write a review for that author!  It means more to us than I can express!**

Back to topic...

So, I signed up for a "book review" tour from a site called Orange Berry Book Tours where I am to "host" blog or Facebook "tours" of five authors I picked, and in return, my book will be featured on December 6, 2011.  Ok, sounds great, sign me up!

As I said earlier, I am still struggling to learn all the technical/web/lingo of the aspects of online marketing, so silly me, I picked five people from the list that Orange Berry provided and signed up for a Facebook "blurb" on December 6, 2011, wrongly assuming that the date was the correct one!

Happy as a little clam, thinking that I was doing a nice act of service for my fellow authors, I happily went ahead and contacted each of them through Twitter and FB, letting them know I would "feature" them on my FB page on 12/6/11.  Then, this morning, I am reading my emails and discover one from the wonderful administrator of OBBT, informing me that I could not use 12/6/11 as the book "tour" dates for the individuals I chose, because their books tours ended before that date!

So, a public apology to Brian BiancoLorhainne EckhartLinda HawleyCarolyn Arnold and Margaret Millmore!

As it stands now, here is a breakdown of books that I will feature on my Facebook page by date:

November 11th:
Author:  Margaret Millmore
Title:  Doppelganger Experiment

November 13th:
Author:  Lorhainne Eckhart
Title:  The Choice

November 14th:
Author: Brian Bianco
Title:  Dressed for a Kill

November 19th:
Author: Linda Hawley
Title: Book One The Prophecies - Dreams Unleashed

December 6th:
Author:  Carolyn Arnold
Title:  Eleven

Please stop by my page on the above dates and take a look at the books I will be featuring, as well as an author interview with each one!

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