Tuesday, July 2, 2019

2019 Independent Audio Award Winner - Best Female Narrator, Andrea Emmes

2019 has been an incredibly busy year for me and I can't believe I haven't posted on my blog since February!

The biggest news is that Andrea Emmes won the 2019 Independent Audio Award for Best Female Narrator for Fatal Agreements! It was such an honor to sit by her side and walk up to the podium when she accepted the award at the HearNow Festival in Kansas City.

To commemorate this wonderful achievement, I updated the cover. Isn't it grand?

My heartfelt thanks to all the judges for recognizing Andrea's amazing talent!

My current WIP will be several novellas, each tying to the other, in the Legion series. After reading The Days of Noah and The Days of Elijah by the incredibly gifted writer, Mark Goodwin, I felt the pull to get back to my Christian roots and write about the spirits and principalities all around us and how they intertwine in our lives.

The first book, Many, will be available before September in both ebook and audio only, narrated by the uber-talented D.H. Jones for Atlantis Audio.

Want a sneak peek at the second book, Madness? Sure thing!

I can't WAIT for you to read/listen to these books!

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