Monday, May 4, 2015

Blood Ties - Book One of the Magnolia Series

So excited to announce the softcover version of Blood Ties - The Bonds Are Permanent is live on Amazon!

Reviewers are saying:

--Blood Ties is Ashley Fontainne at her evil-minded best. Since her mother, Lillian Hansen, collaborated on this book, could it be the gift is genetic? This blood-curdling book has everything: malicious and angelic characters, dastardly deeds, a spattering of humor and hefty doses of love... I cringed at the insane cruelty of the leaders of the 'murderous ring' that preys on senior citizens. And I cheered when the stunning daughter/mother team from California hits Arkansas, taking it by storm. They not only capture the bad guys, they capture hearts along the way too. This exciting, raunchy and simply terrific book is so seamlessly written that it's hard to believe two minds wrote it. Congrats on yet another winner... Another movie in the works?--Betty Dravis, author of The Hiss of Evil

--This is, hands down, her best story yet! Bad things do happen to senior citizens. It's not always the ramblings of a paranoid-delusional old mind. This book has all the elements of a major crime thriller, compounded with some sweet moments. Scary as heck, because it could really happen. I could not put it down!-- Amazon reviewer

--This is just amazing!!!! Ashley, and now her mom, has that unique ability to pull you into the book from the very first page and almost make you speed read because you can’t wait to find out what happens. And the ending, there’s always, ALWAYS a twist!...This trilogy follows LiAnn and her daughter Karina, who is a P.I. (they’ll be more of that in the series) who move back home to take care of LiAnn’s elderly parents. The story revolves around an aging member of the Mafia and a nursing home. It’s a combination to be sure. Romance, both past and present, crime, mystery, all of it in one book that could on its own, stand-alone. So if you think you won’t read this based on it being a trilogy and don’t want to wait, you will be fully satisfied with this ending. I can’t say enough about this book. It still surprises me that Ms. Fontainne is still considered an “Indie” writer. I read many, many books and she can definitely hold her own with the “Big Boys”. This book is amazing. You won’t be able to put it down. You won’t guess the ending. You’ll love the suspense, the characters and the plot. And when you’re done reading this book, you’ll be compelled to purchase all of Ms. Fontainne’s books. Go ahead, try it. . . I dare you . . .--Amazon reviewer

--Blood Ties" by Ashley Fontainne and Lillian Hansen is a chilling and creepy Southern gothic thriller. Having read and enjoyed all of Ashley's other wonderful novels, I've come to expect an enthralling and stellar read from this multi-talented author. This book does not disappoint. I'm not sure if it's the combination of the mother-daughter writing team, but this book seems even more twisted and diabolical than ever. And that's a good thing!LiAnn Tuck and daughter Karina Summers are moving back home to the South to care for LiAnn's elderly parents. Little do they know they are about to encounter more evil than they could have ever dreamed. With a whole cast of quirky characters, this book will pull you right in from the first page to the last. I don't think I've ever encountered a more mesmerizing and unique villain and the scenes depicting his descent into madness are some of the more chilling I've ever read. Still thinking about him can send chills down my back even months later. Ashley Fontainne excels at creating and maintaining suspense and the addition of her mother as co-author has only served to sweeten the pot. And the best part of all is the fact that this is slated to be a trilogy, so we have at least two more thrillers to look forward to from this dynamic writing duo.--Amazon reviewer


Blood Ties 

LiAnn Tuck and her daughter, Karina Summers, are settling into their new life, enjoying the small farming community of Sheridan, Arkansas. The slower pace, compared to the craziness of Los Angeles, is a welcome distraction for them both. Taking care of her aging parents and their small farm is just what LiAnn needs to forget her twenty-five-year career as a detective. And Karina's new love interest brings back the smile she lost from years of undercover work and her cheating ex-boyfriend. 

The Bonds 

Their idyllic lifestyle changes the minute a family friend, Cecil Pickard, pays a visit. He lives at The Magnolia, an independent living facility in Hot Springs, and believes someone is stealing from him. LiAnn and Karina offer to investigate and suddenly find themselves inside a living nightmare. 

Are Permanent 

Theft isn't the only criminal activity taking place inside the historic, stately walls of The Magnolia. Organized crime has infiltrated Hot Springs, and what they're after is not only money, but life itself. As LiAnn and Karina dig deeper, they might just be digging their own graves.

Book trailer:

It was only a year ago when the idea for the story took shape. It was a hot, humid summer evening, and I had just finished the first draft of Growl. Mom had fun helping me with research, listening to me read each chapter out loud, and came up with some exciting plot twists on her own. When she asked me what I planned on writing next, the idea was simple: pen something with my momma!

Less than six months later, the first draft of Blood Ties was finished. Working together was a sheer joy. It seemed we were in sync, and the flow of ideas never dried up. Sharing my passion for writing with the most important woman in my life is something I will always cherish.

Click here if you would like to purchase the paperback, or here to pre-order the ebook (delivered to your Kindle on June 1, 2015). We hope you enjoy the story of mother/daughter duo LiAnn Tuck and Karina Summers as much as we enjoyed writing about them.

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