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Author Spotlight: K.T. Dixon! PLUS GIVEAWAY

Hey everyone!  Yes, the rambling southerner is back!  This time, I bring to all of you a fellow southerner!

I would like to introduce the fantastic K.T. Dixon!  Ever the quintessential Southern Gentleman, K.T. has graciously offered the opportunity to win one electronic copy of each of his books.

All you need to do is post a comment below by Friday, January 20th at midnight (EST) to enter.  Please remember--you must include your email address in your post so I can contact you when you win!

Enough of MY rambling...on with the show!

What kind of books do you write and how many have you written so far?

My books are basically lighthearted action/adventures, with a hint of romance. When I started the first novel, I wanted to write a book that would be the perfect read for a day at the beach. From the reviews I’ve received, and the e-mails sent from readers, I hit my target pretty much right on.

When is your next book being published?

Hopefully, before Christmas 2012.  My most recent book, Sons of the New Confederacy, was just released a couple of months ago. I just started doing the research for the third book this month.

When did you start writing?

I started writing back in the mid-1980s. I was a police sergeant seeing the worst that the world had to offer on a daily basis, so I started writing short stories to escape the rigors of the job.

What inspired this piece of work?

Wow, this answer could be lengthy and depressing, so I’ll try to give you the short version. In 2008 my wife, and the love of my life, went middle aged crazy and our marriage couldn’t withstand the results. She broke my heart and I found myself in a state of deep depression. After losing 60 pounds and having a heart attack, I realized that I had to get my mind on something else, so I started writing my fist book, Seminole Wind, A Billy Brightpath Adventure. It was a success and lead to the sequel, Sons of the New Confederacy, Billy Brightpath Volume II.

Why did you pick the genre that you currently write in, and are you currently considering writing in a different genre?  Why or why not?

I chose the genre because I was trying to escape hardship, and because I wanted my books to be a fun read. As far as writing a different genre, no way, I like the style that I have created and the many different directions it can take a story.

Tell us about your creative writing process.

Well, this is a pretty tough one. I guess my creative process begins with isolating myself and then tapping into my imagination. Once I find something stashed away in my memory bank that I want to put on paper, I then have to find the discipline to sit down and do it. My grandfather told me a long time ago that everyone has a good story inside them, but few have the ability to put it on paper. Fortunately, I have a desire to share what I can create that far outweighs my inherent laziness.

Who is your favorite author, past and present, and why?

I have to count Hiaasen, Dorsey, and Buffett among my current favorites, but of course I have always loved the classics of Ernest Hemingway.

 What motivates you to continue writing?

My readers; I never thought I would see the day when I would get e-mails from people that were rushing me to write the next book, but I get them all the time. I also love the way people laugh at my story lines and quirky characters when I do a reading, or when I meet them one on one.

How do you get ideas for your stories?

Most of my ideas come from two sources, life experiences and the State of Florida. I have an over abundant number of events to draw from being a retired police sergeant, and living in Florida is still an adventure in this day and time. Florida is filled with a rich history to draw from and a wild environment the stirs my soul.

If you didn’t become an author, what do you think you would be doing now?

I would be the worst golfer in the world, and reaffirm that on a daily basis.

Give us an insider look into your latest novel.

The first chapter of Sons of the New Confederacy is on my website, Please feel free to give it a look at you leisure.

There is also a bio blurb about me and a look at my first novel, Seminole Wind.

If your novel made it to the big screen, what actors do you see playing the key characters?

I need someone that looks Native American, but he also has to be handsome, built well, and has a humorous side that is equal to his serious side. I guess I would have to go with Benjamin Bratt as Billy Brightpath.

The female lead would have to be Charlize Theron, she is beautiful and can carry a strong female character.

But the character that my readers love most is Abby Brightpath, Billy’s cousin. She is beautiful, sexy, spontaneous, fun, and she will start a fight with anybody. I really don’t know who would fit that character; maybe Olivia Munn.

The bad guy, Maxwell Jodaco, would have to be Danny DeVito. I think he could play the nasty kind of character is described in the book, yet could also be hilarious when the situation calls for it.

What’s the worst experience and best experience you ever had as a writer?

The best experience was holding a copy of my first book. There is nothing to explain the excitement and feeling of accomplishment.

The worst; brain freeze. When you know what you want to write, but you don’t know the exact words to use, it sucks.

Where do you see yourself in five years with your writing and your life?

Sitting alongside Jimmy Buffett writing music for the third story in the Billy Brightpath movie series, or the TV series; whichever pays the most.

Where can people find you and your books on the Internet?

K.T. Dixon on Facebook.

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