Thursday, December 29, 2011

Special Thanks - to EVERYONE!

I have struggled for the past week with exactly how to express my feelings.  This is bad when you are a writer: loss of words syndrome.  How in the world could I properly articulate my gratitude, appreciation and utter awe to all my fans?  


After rising to the top in sales on Amazon, it finally dawned on me that is exactly what I have: fans.  The enormity of that one little word settled over my soul this weekend, causing me to lapse into silence, which, if you know me and my ramblings, is quite a feat!  In less than nine months since submitting Accountable to None as an ebook on Amazon, my life has completely changed.

ALL because of you, dear readers!  

My little story, unedited and created as a writing project for a Creative Writing course, has soared way beyond even my wildest dreams.  Each and every review, the good, the bad and the ugly, made my heart beat faster with excitement.  A few wonderful people even went a step further and "friended" me on Facebook and wrote lovely notes on my wall.

I can't begin to tell you what that means to me.

The blessings that have rained down on me from each of you, as well as all of my new author friends, will never be forgotten or brushed aside.  All of you are a part of my life now, and I love and appreciate each of you so very much!

My best wishes and love for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2012!

Love, Ashley

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Author Spotlight: Lawrence Fisher

I am pleased to offer the following interview of one of the funniest people I have met in a long time....Lawrence Fisher.  His tongue-in-cheek humor resounds in his novel, Kill Me Now!

Kill Me Now!: A Middle Aged Man's Maneuvers Through the Frontline of the Dating Battlefield

1. What kind of books do you write and how many have you written so far? 

I write about the humor of dating. You get into a situation and instead of getting hurt you laugh it off. I have written four books in the trilogy. Oh wait., I am dreaming again.

2.  When is your next book being published?

Two months after it is written. The hardest part about being an author is that you have to write. I tried dictating to my computer so that she could type it up, but the stupid thing kept getting typos. Spock never had these problems when he spoke to his computer. I am doing research for the sequel. Are there any volunteers out there who want to be in the sequel?

3.  When did you start writing?

When I was three! I picked up a pencil and started writing hieroglyphics. I was so far advanced in my language skills that do this day no one has broke the hidden code behind my prose. I am sure that is how the Da Vinci code started out. Maybe in a hundred years some genius named Suineg will say “Hey, there is a pattern in this. Let us decipher this.”

4. What inspired this piece of work? 

A piece of work inspired me. Don't get me started discussing this piece of work. Aren't we supposed to be discussing my book?

5.  Why did you pick the genre that you currently write in, and are you currently considering writing in a different genre?  Why or why not?

I didn’t pick this genre. It selected me. My book is attuned to putting a smile to your face. If you don't smile, laugh or wince in every chapter, then you are welcome to hit me over the head with my book. Don't forget to bring pizza and wine when you come. If you a man, then bring a 42’ TV with you.

6.  Tell us about your creative writing process.

I have one? Please tell me what it is so that I may write it down as an algorithm. But like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, I will be stuck in a loop until someone fixes a light error. On the other hand if I try to be logical about my creative writing process I may lose my creativity. 
7.  Who is your favorite author, past and present, and why?

I’m not telling you. You’ll tell everyone else. They’ll buy their books and make theirs a best seller. Buy “Kill Me Now!” first. Then worry about everyone else. Is this a sales pitch.

8.      What motivates you to continue writing?
The smiles I get from people. Now, if any of them were gorgeous females, I would melt. I am asked what will happen if I ever find someone who I want to settle down with. I will continue writing, of course. Maybe a new series named Why did I not listen to Ed? His parents keep telling me never to get married. They still think that Ed is older than I am. Here is an excerpt from my book:

It seems that everyone enjoys my misery. What are you going to do when I finally find someone? I think that there is a hot babe just around the corner but one of you guys is stopping her from approaching me so that I can continue writing and sharing my misery with everyone. Prove me wrong. Ladies, show yourselves to me. I do not have a toll-free number for you, yet! Please, please do not let her be Sally, Satan's sister!

9.  How do you get ideas for your stories?

My dates provide them. Either my dates and experiences are weird or they give me weird stories of their own. Who knows if their stories are figments of their deranged imaginations or not.

10.  If you didn’t become an author, what do you think you would be doing now?

A computer programmer, a fitness trainer, research on propaganda. Wait a minute, I do those now anyway.

11.  Give us an insider look into your latest novel.

Read my blog. http;//

There is a nice story there from one of my dates:    

12.  If your novel made it to the big screen, what actors do you see playing the key characters?

Well, Adam Sandler can play me. As long as they pay me millions of dollars, he can play me.

13.  What’s the worst experience and best experience you ever had as a writer?

My worst experience is working with iUniverse, my publishing company.

14.  Where do you see yourself in five years with your writing and your life?

I am a realist, not a dreamer. If I was a dreamer I would have written a book. Oh wait a minute, I have. So I will dream. I will have three best sellers and a TV series. I will have been on book signing tours to the US. But for that everyone must tug and buy.

15.  Where can people find you and your books on the Internet?
Lawrence Fisher

It can be purchased on Amazon as a paperback or kindle: Click here.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Author Spotlight: G.R. Holton!

Ho, ho, ho!  Christmas is almost here, so what better way than to pick up your copy of the AWARD WINNING novel, Deep Screams by G.R. Holton!  Take a few moments to read my interview below, then pick up your copy today!

Deep Screams

1. What kind of books do you write and how many have you written so far? 

I have written four books so far with three being science fiction and the last is a children’s picture book. My first book which started out as Journey to the Edge was reworked and released as Soleri which won the Books and Science Fiction – reworked for 2010. I then wrote Guardian’s Alliance. Both Soleri and Guardian’s are YA. The other science fiction is my award winner, Deep Screams. It has won Books and’s Best Science Fiction for 2011. The fourth book is called SQUAZLES!. It is a children’s picture book about not judging others by how they appear.

2.  When is your next book being published?

Hopefully by the summer of 2012. It is a science fiction/fantasy called, “Dragon’s Bow”.
3.  When did you start writing, and what inspires you the most?

I have actually only been a writer for just over two years. Before that I didn’t even like books. But I made a friend on Facebook playing a game called Farmtown. She was a great person and introduced me to her husband who is a screenwriter and movie director. He allowed me to read a couple of his screenplays and I was instantly hooked. I knew that I had to write. Usually it is my dreams that give me my inspiration. All three of my sci/fi novels have come after having a dream of a situation or place.
4.  Why did you pick the genre that you currently write in, and are you currently considering writing in a different genre?  Why or why not?

I have always been a science fiction fan ever since I could watch television. I was weaned on the original Star Trek (yeah I am dating myself a little). I loved anything to do with sci/fi or superheroes. Writing has become an escape for me. I don’t think that any genre is off limits (although I don’t see myself writing a romance novel). My current WIP is more fantasy than sci/fi, so crossing genres for me seems to be the ticket . Deep Screams is the one that brought me to the knowledge that you can cross any genre as long as you have a great story. After winning the award for best sci/fi really cemented that for me.

5.  Tell us about your creative writing process.

Hmmm…a process huh. I really don’t have a true process for my writing. I usually come up with a storyline after a vivid dream and then let the characters run the show. They control the plot and the outcome. Which I never really know until I have a few chapters written down. The names of places and beings always seem to just be there like they have lived in my head all along. I do write some stuff down to keep things straight, but not like a outline. I am a definite pantser letting my fingers do the talking as the story progresses.
6.  Who is your favorite author, past and present, and why?

Favorite authors…that’s a tricky question for me since I don’t do much reading. I have read some Stephen King and Isaac Asimov. Two different styles completely, but they each held my easily wandering attention.

7.  What motivates you to continue writing?

Writing for me is therapeutic. I continue to write because I have so many pent up ideas in my head (most from my Bipolar issues) that writing seems to be able to calm my soul. If I were to sit and think about it I could probably start twenty different stories at a time and they all would be completely different. In fact, I always have at least two going at a time in case I get bored with writing one, I can go to the other.

8.  How do you get ideas for your stories?

My dreams are my biggest contributor. The rest is an imagination for the obscure. Part of the reason that my work has won awards is that I don’t read to many other people’s works. I have done some reviews for friends, but most of them are not in my genre. This keeps everything fresh.

9.  If you didn’t become an author, what do you think you would be doing now?

Playing silly facebook games and maybe go fishing a little. I like fishing, though I stink at it. Just being somewhere else unlocks my mind and allows for free thought.

10.  Give us an insider look into your latest novel.

By the year 2145, the nations of Earth had finally gotten past their differences, and the Earth Coalition was formed. The people of all countries were now united as human beings, not segregated by nationality or race since multiple wars had left parts of the planet uninhabitable, the Coalition decided that a space station would be launched into deep space on a twenty year mission to find  planets in other solar systems that could  sustain human life.
  Six years into the mission, all signals from the Omega Space Station had suddenly stopped.  The Coalition called for an emergency mission to intercept the space station, to ascertain what had happened to the ship and crew,  and to do whatever was necessary to bring the station back online.
As they embarked on their mission, the new team had no way of knowing what they were going to encounter when they reached the Omega Space Station. It was not the station that was dead, and they are not going to be alone.
11.  If your novel made it to the big screen, what actors do you see playing the key characters?

Okay…The main characters are Commander Milton who would have to be played by George Clooney, Captain Craddock would be cool if it was Gerard Butler, and the Computer Engineer would have to be Xavier Samuel from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
12.  What’s the worst experience and best experience you ever had as a writer?

The worst thing was my second publisher. I got taken there. I learned a valuable lesson with them. RESEARCH…RESEARCH…RESEARCH!!! It cost me a lot of money and in the end had nothing to really. The best thing was winning Books and best science fiction for 2011 for my novel, “Deep Screams”. I literally did the happy dance in my office!. 

13.  Where do you see yourself in five years with your writing and your life?

I plan on at least one of my books to be optioned as a movie. I am doing screenwriting for Deep Screams and already have one from Soleri. My dream is to be on the big screen and I just know it will happen.

14.  Where can people find you and your books on the Internet?

They can find them at all the online book sellers or directly from me at

Thanks so much Ashley for having me on your blog. I hope that you and yours have a Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blessings from the Rambling Blogger!

*Ramble on*

Whew!  The last month has been a whirlwind of excitement for me; so much so that I truly could not find the time to even post about Thanksgiving.  Sorry, Pilgrims, but at least I enjoyed all the traditional foods and most importantly, my family!
(And no, I did NOT make that - unless you consider 'cut and paste' from Google "making it!" Of course, those of you that know me personally were already well aware of that, since I am a woman of many talents, but cooking is sadly not one of them!) 

Now here it is, the middle of December and my book blog tour is in full swing.  If you would have told me six months ago that this is what I would be doing, I probably would have raised an eyebrow and looked at you as though you just mumbled in a foreign language because "virtual book blog tour" was something that's existence I was completely oblivious to.

Until now.

With the help of some absolutely incredible people, I have been fully baptized into the world of book blog tours and now my blog serves as a "tour stop" for several books!  What does this mean, you ask?  Well, I have had the chance to meet some truly  talented authors, as well as read some incredible books and/or review them that otherwise might have flown under my reading radar.  It also is a wonderful way to reach potential readers about my book through the graciousness of other bloggers that host or interview me!  A Two-fer! Woo hoo!  As a matter of fact, I am the featured author on Janiera's lovely blog, This Is From My Heart where you can sign up to win a signed copy or ebook of Accountable to None.

I am kicking myself now for not writing a book AGES ago!

Now, onto the Blessings!

Blessing #1:

First of all, I want to say what an addition Lindsay Anne Kendal has been in my life!  After watching my trailer, she decided to read my book and the next thing I know, I have the green light to submit Accountable to None to her publisher, the fantastic Karen Fuller at World Castle Publishing and suddenly, things started happening fast.  I am thrilled, overjoyed, ecstatic, pumped, joyous, excited (yes, I could continue, but I won't--the World Wide Web is only so big) to announce that I am OFFICIALLY a part of the World Castle Team of Authors! (Author Page & All!)

Blessing #2:

Lindsay blessed me AGAIN (isn't she just incredible? - shameless plug - buy her books!) and created a new cover for the re-release of ATN, due out in January-February of 2012.  This woman has been such a splendid surprise in my life!

This is a very exciting time to be an Indie Author right now, thanks to the astounding success of self-published authors like Amanda Hocking, John Locke and others, the publishing industry has been turned upside down by individuals that decided to take their works directly to the people.  Kudos to them!

All it takes is the excited spark from just one person to ignite a firestorm, or in my case, a small campfire, but I am hopeful the news will spread quickly through the conduit we lovingly call social media.

Blessing #3:

I stepped into this world-o-publishing blind, naive and absurdly under the false impression that writing the book was the hard part!  Ah, naivete, how I miss thee now that your innocence has drifted away, replaced with the daunting reality of Twitter, Facebook, websites, radio and blogs!  At first, I almost cracked under the pressure, absolutely dizzy from the sensory overload of electronic communication, but after a few muddled attempts and mistakes, I am beginning to make headway thanks to my Droid Bionic - it is AMAZING!

So, where is the blessing in all of this?  Well, it is the beautiful people I have the privilege to call "friends" now!  A virtual community of other oddballs that pound the keys with just as much fury and passion as I do!  Writers that want nothing more than to open the eyes of their readers into the world that previously, only existed in their magnificent minds, now living and breathing between the pages of a novel.

How awesome is that?

Blessing #4:

My husband.  Not only did he patiently endure my long nights pecking away at the keyboard while he tried to sleep, but also my incessant rambling about what should happen next as I wrote Accountable to None.  Now, he watches while I try to tweet, facebook, blog and write the sequel in supersonic spurts after coming home from work.  Each time a review or comment arrives, he is right there celebrating with me; a true testament of his love for me as he just smiles as I bounce off in another direction, doing my best to make my dreams come true.

My rock; my best friend and the love of my life!  God truly blessed me when He placed him in my path!

And lastly....

Blessing #5:

Christmas.  I may have bypassed Thanksgiving wishes to everyone simply due to my cup spewing over, but I will not let Christmas come and go without taking a few moments to wish everyone:

May the Joy of the Birth of our Savior bless each of you!  Thanks to all my family, friends and FANS for your support this past year! (I still get chills when I type that word!)

Love, Ashley

*Ramble off*

Friday, December 9, 2011

Author Spotlight: Perry Martin PLUS a Giveaway!

Today, I would like to extend a warm welcome to author Perry Martin! 

Perry has graciously offered to one lucky winner a signed copy of his novel, Pretty Flamingo as well as one ebook!  From now until December 21st @ midnight, all you have to do is post a comment below and you will be entered!  That's it!  How easy is that?

Please specify in your comment your preference for a softcover or hardback and don't forget to leave your email address!  Good luck!

1. What kind of books do you write and how many have you written so far? 

I've written one book so far.   My first book, "Pretty Flamingo" would probably be considered a Romance/Drama, although there is an element of mystery to it, as well.  I have ideas for two other books - - one of which I am working on now - - neither of which fit into the category of my first book, so I may have to invent a category for my books.
2.  When is your next book being published?

I'm not sure but probably late next year - - 2012.  Right now there's a lot going on regarding my first book.  It's in the hands of an up-and-coming Australian film director, who is interested in writing the screenplay for it and possibly even directing it.  My business partner, Sandy Hockenbery, is an independent film producer and she has always seen "Pretty Flamingo" as a movie.
3.  When did you start writing, and what inspires you the most?

I've been a musician most of my life, and a songwriter, and enjoyed a considerable amount of success in the Far East - - Hong Kong in particular.  I'd always wanted to write, though and figured it would be something I'd do "later in life".  One day, back in 2010, I woke up and discovered, to my horror, that "later in life" had arrived!  So, I started exploring ideas and my writing career began.

Most of my inspiration for "Pretty Flamingo" came from actual personal experience.  Suffice it to say that I've lived an "interesting" life and I drew on that for many of the scenes.    I do know that I want to create characters that the reader cares about and become emotionally involved with.  I also believe very much in the spiritual nature of man and that drives me to write stories that explore that aspect.  "Pretty Flamingo" definitely has an element of that in it and the novel I am working on now, even more so.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, I get very inspired by the idea that what I am doing, and the success I have, will inspire others.

4.  Why did you pick the genre that you currently write in, and are you currently considering writing in a different genre?  Why or why not?

I actually didn't pick a specific genre when I started writing "Pretty Flamingo", it was just a story I really wanted to tell.  Once I'd finished it, I realized I'd have to somehow categorize it.  There's definitely a romance at the heart of it, plus some very dramatic elements, but the whole story is also written as a mystery that unravels gradually and the reader uncovers the truth, little by little, along with the central character.  Once I'd settled on it being a Romance/Drama I thought to myself, "Okay, so am I going to be a Romance/Drama writer?"  Then, the next idea came along and it didn't quite fit into that mold.  There's a romance of sorts, but it's between two 12-year olds, so that's not your typical romance.  Again, there's also a dramatic element and a mystery that drives the plot along.  I'd probably have to put my next novel in the Drama genre although there is something of the paranormal about it - - think along the lines of Stephen King's "Hearts in Atlantis". 

I guess I'll probably bounce around from genre to genre from the looks of it.  I just want to write really engrossing, character-driven stories that touch the reader emotionally and also make them think. 

 5.  Tell us about your creative writing process.

I'll write a synopsis first - - however long that might be - - so that I know where the story is going and what the point of it is.  After that I'll list all the characters, descriptions of them, what their needs and desires are and their relationship to the protagonist. Then I'll look at how I can chop that up into scenes and chapters that can be expanded on.  I like to write the beginning and the end first.  I find that helps keep me focused on what I want to achieve.  Both "Pretty Flamingo" and the novel I am currently working on, have very emotional endings.  I refer to the ending from time to time to inspire me to keep writing and lead the reader to those final pages.

Then, I write a mini synopsis of each chapter I write, making sure that each scene keeps the story moving along.  Having written the end first comes in handy then, for me at least, because it helps me write things that contribute to the final chapter.

I actually write my first draft by hand, in a spiral-bound notebook.  I take the notebook with me wherever I go so that when inspiration strikes I can immediately write it down.  Then, at the end of each day, or the end of the week depending on my work schedule (I'm not a full-time author yet), I transfer everything to my computer and that becomes my second draft.  I've learned that you shouldn't spend forever on your first draft.  Just tell the story and then go back and fix it.   (My first novel went through seven or eight re-writes).

Writing, for me, is a pleasure (even when it's pulling blood, sweat and tears out of me, which "Pretty Flamingo did - - especially tears) and when I'm doing revisions I'll generally grab a glass of wine, something to nibble on, light some candles and find a mellow New Age music station on my computer.  That works the best for me.  I've read a lot of advice from successful authors and they seem to be divided on how one should write.  Some say you should write only when you're in the mood - - which is my philosophy - - while others contend that you should force yourself even when you don't want to.  I find I get more done the other way but, in the final analysis, what's right is what works for you.  At the end of the day, when your book hits the bestseller list, who cares how you wrote it?

6.  Who is your favorite author, past and present, and why?

Wow!  That's a tough one.  Can I get back to you on that?  Seriously, though I'd have to list a few but I'll try and keep the list short.

PAST: Robert Heinlein and Philip K. Dick because they were both visionaries.  PAST AND PRESENT: Stephen King because he just tells such original stories and I love his writing.   PRESENT: Elmore Leonard because nobody writes "street smart" dialogue better than him.  Nicholas Sparks because I like a good cry every now and then.  (I know, that's kind of weird for a guy.  Call it "research" for the emotional parts of my novels.)
7.  What motivates you to continue writing?

The hope that I can continue to affect people emotionally with my stories and leave them feeling that the time and money invested in my novel was more than worth it.  And, that one of my novels will eventually be turned into a movie that wins Best Picture of the Year!

8.  How do you get ideas for your stories?

I got lucky with "Pretty Flamingo" in that much of what I describe actually happened - - either to me or someone I knew.  Because of that the story pretty much wrote itself.  With my second novel I drew on a single, traumatic experience from my childhood and built a whole story around it.  Still more recently, I'd found myself thinking about the prospect of getting old and it got me thinking about what, in my life, I would go back and re-experience, if I could.  I went to sleep the other night with that thought in my head and woke up at around 2:30 am with the whole idea for a third book.  I couldn't get back to sleep until I'd written the whole synopsis.

I realize none of what I just described really explains how I get idea, just that I do.  To quote the protagonist in my second book who, coincidentally enough, is a songwriter:  "I worry that if I think too much about where the ideas come from, they'll stop coming."

9.  If you didn’t become an author, what do you think you would be doing now?

Probably playing music.  I still do, actually, about once a month - - just to keep my hand in.  But it's not something I want to make a career of anymore.  The writing bug has pretty much gotten hold of me and since I know I have at least two more books in me I'm going to go for it.

10.  Give us an insider look into your latest novel.

DAVID PERRY is a  transplanted Aussie who’s been a resident of California since 1983.  A youthful-looking 51 year-old, David has made a good life for himself - - materially.  A personal failing, however, has been his inability to give himself completely to any woman.  Sometimes he swears he can almost feel something holding him back - - preventing him from giving his all.

David wakes in the early hours one morning to find that he is crying and he experiences a longing that surprises him with its’ depth of emotion. He reviews the failure of his latest relationship and can find nothing even remotely resembling the feelings of loss and desolation he was experiencing upon wakening.

The next day David finds himself reminiscing about his teenage years in Australia.   Sifting through his memories David encounters a completely blank 6-month period of his life.  It’s as if it has been wiped from his mind with only a few fragmented images available to his recall.  Over the next few days David experiences brief flashbacks - - all centered around a mysterious blond-haired girl; a girl whose memory evokes the most incredible feeling of love and adoration within him.  Who is she?  These flashbacks are often accompanied by disturbing emotional and physical reactions and lead David to the conclusion that they are somehow connected to the missing months.  What could have happened during that period?  And why and how had it been so effectively hidden from him?

From this point on, David will begin an emotional journey that will eventually uncover a part of his past he never knew existed.  He will discover a love so powerful that it transcended the purely physical; a loss so devastating that it changed his whole life and a promise that, if he can keep it, will return to him all that he cared most about in the whole world.

11.  If your novel made it to the big screen, what actors do you see playing the key characters?

David Perry, the protagonist as an adult?  Tom Cruise (In my dreams!).  Hailee-Steinfeld as the teen female lead.  Hugh Jackman in a part that won't endear him to many mothers but it sure is juicy.  Jessica Chastain as a young woman and the same character 35 years later. (She'll probably get an Oscar).  I haven't really thought beyond that but there are tough, challenging roles for many of the characters.  If you read the book you'll see what I mean.

12.  What’s the worst experience and best experience you ever had as a writer?

My worst experience - - and this is probably nothing compared to what some writers have experienced - - was not winning a Self-Published Novel competition I really thought my book should have won.  If that's the worst thing that happens to me I'll be okay with it.

My best experience was seeing how this novel was affecting people who read it, how much they loved it and the characters in it.  One reader said she never wanted the book to end!  That was exactly the effect I had set out to create.  That felt really good and pretty much convinced me that I should write more books.

13.  Where do you see yourself in five years with your writing and your life?

Five bestsellers under my belt, each of which are made into hit movies.  Happy, healthy, comfortable with my success and doing what I can to "pay it forward" and help other struggling writers to realize their dreams.

14.  Where can people find you and your books on the Internet?


Twitter (Book): @pfnovel
Twitter (Author): @8_8008

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meet Penelope Crowe!

Merry Christmas everyone!  If you are looking for a great book to buy that special someone, look no further!

I present, Penelope Crowe!

What kind of books do you write and how many have you written so far?

I write dark fiction and a bit of horror as Penelope Crowe, and kid’s books as Dea Lenihan.  This way I don’t have to worry about selling to children after I write about murder and blood.  I have 2 books published, a short story, and another short story called The Key to Happiness that just got accepted into a horror anthology called Vampires! For Dark Moon Digest, so I was celebrating today.  

When is your next book being published?

My next book is called Penelope’s Garden and although I thought it would be out before Christmas,  January looks like the date now.  It is book two of the Out of This World Series.

When did you start writing, and what inspires you the most?

I have always written.  I wrote The Littlest Grape and The Haunted House when I was about six.  I was positive they were the best books ever written.  I did the illustrations too.  Everything inspires me.  What I write about depends on what catches my eye that day.

Why did you pick the genre that you currently write in, and are you currently considering writing in a different genre?  Why or why not?

I have always loved horror and anything dark.  It really is not a choice.  Today I tried to write a flash fiction piece—just a neutral story—and it ended up dark.  Maybe I need medication…just kidding.  J  I actually think it exorcises my demons.

Tell us about your creative writing process.

Oh dear.  There is no process.  I get an idea and try and write it down as fast as I can.  I usually get a lot of input at once, and I hope I can remember it.  I find it hard to maintain an idea long enough for a novel.  There are far too many ideas in my head and they overlap one another often.  So I write fast.
What motivates you to continue writing?

I need no motivation—I just need more time.

How do you get ideas for your stories?

Many times I get an idea from something that is bothering me.  I write and write and suddenly there is a story.

If you didn’t become an author, what do you think you would be doing now?

Well I think I’ve don’t everything else, artist, makeup artist, sales rep, manager, hairdresser, insurance underwriter, receptionist…I could go on.  So what is left.  I would be a singer/songwriter or actor.

Give us an insider look into your latest novel.

It’s the diary of woman.  She writes about her feelings, fears, her loathing of motherhood and terrible marriage.  She tells us about spells she has used and opinions she has that most people would never admit.  There are some entries that are beautiful stories, and some as bad as nightmares.  No plot involved—you will wonder whose diary you are reading…and hope she is OK.

If your novel made it to the big screen, what actors do you see playing the key characters?

I think Alec Baldwin would make a terrific scary and mean husband,  and Helena Bonham Carter for the narrator/main character.

What’s the worst experience and best experience you ever had as a writer?

I keep having best ones:  an accepted story, lots of blog visits, good reviews, and people wishing me well.  I also like having a job I love.

Where do you see yourself in five years with your writing and your life?

I want to write screenplays and see my stuff on Broadway or the big screen.  I would love to have mainstream books on the shelves and my picture on the back cover.  And I would like a bigger house.

Where can people find you and your books on the Internet?

Halloween Treat! Operation S&D available for preorder.

Justice is blind. Vengeance sees only red. I did not learn of the col-blooded assassination of several CIA agents, who were part of the team...