Thursday, November 17, 2011

Best Friends & Birthday Wishes


That one friend that you have this undeniable, unshakable, unending connection with.  You know the kind of friendship I'm talking about: the one friend that would help you hide the body with a brilliant, wicked smile gracing their lips?  The one friend that, Heaven help you, ever decided to write a novel, you would have to kill her since she knows every single dirty little secret you have?  

The friend that has a shoulder with a permanent indentation of your tear-soaked face from all the times you slobbered all over it, boohooing over some major tragic event? (events, of course, which have morphed over the years from not making the cheer team to your husband just left or a beloved family member passing on).

The one that has the bail bondsman's number on speed dial from rescuing your pathetically stupid self from yet another rough night after said "tragic" experiences above?  The one that hates all of your ex's with almost as much passion as you do?  The one friend that will tell you, straight up, "Yes, those jeans make your ass look big."  

The friend that risks your friendship by telling you the truth when asked for an opinion, rather than just gently tinkling your ear with the meaningless dribble you want to hear?

The friend that intuitively reads your facial expression or body language and instantly knows what you are thinking without you utter one single word, and then responds to your innermost thoughts accordingly?  

You know, the one you can't imagine living your life without them in it?  

If you have never experienced this type of bonding with another soul, then I am truly sorry, for you are missing out on one of life's most precious gifts.  The "best friend forever" friendship is different than the love you have for your spouse, children or family members by a landslide.  No romantic love here, so the intensity is quite different, and of course, you must love your children and family (yes, even the unlovable ones)...but the relationship with a friend is entirely hinged upon the common connection that two originally complete strangers forged from nothing and made it into something glorious, something treasured and priceless.

I have been blessed in my life to have such a friend.  God placed this precious soul in my path when we were just mere idiots, er, teenagers, many moons ago (and no, I am not saying how many other than A LOT) and we have been inseparable ever since.  We have weathered some major life storms together, each grabbing on for dear life to the other for support as the howling winds blew about.  As I look back and reflect now on all those times, I find it quite interesting that during each hurricane, God provided the other with a calm weather so they could steer the other away from the raging winds and waves back over to the serene lake.  

My very first dabble with writing came about as my way of providing the calm lake during one of her darker days in the form of a poem entitled Troubles, so it is this incredible friendship that initially sparked the flame of writing's desire in me many years ago.

Tomorrow is her birthday and no, I will not embarrass her by telling you how old she is (because she is younger than I am!) and for the first time in years, we won't be able to spend her birthday together. So, in honor of a tradition that started a few years ago, this is my present to you, sweet T.R.C.:

I present you: Edward

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